Banchory Sports Village

A new Sports Centre and Swimming Pool will be constructed at the Hill of Banchory

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COMMUNITY of BANCHORY and surrounding Area

Aberdeenshire Council have agreed to include in their Capital Plan the building of a Sports Facility at Hill of Banchory. To ensure the project is providing the facilities that the community requires a substantial financial contribution is necessary to be raised from the Community which will guarantee a six lane swimming pool, a learner pool , a four court sports hall, be built.

Many groups and clubs will be able to utilise the finished product which will be a facility currently not available in Banchory.

The challenge is to raise £700,000 and with all of you involved we can do this and deliver a project to be proud of.

We are on the road already and some funding has been pledged and available also from Bandswim all of which will go towards the project.

Effectively a 15 month period is available for the funding to be raised and what will be the outcome is a Sports Pavilion which will open in 2017.

The funding from the Community has to be in place by September 2015 otherwise the project will be sharply cut back with a reduction in facilities.

Yes it is a challenge but one that can be delivered with everyone on board.....make this The Banchory No 1 fundraising effort in 2014/15.


This plan is purely a preliminary drawing of what is being discussed and over the next year will be finalised. 

It is envisaged this will include the following :-

25m six lane Swimming Pool

Learner Swimming Pool

Two Squash Courts

Four Court Sports Hall

Exercise Room

Fitness Suite

Soft Play Area

Viewing Area