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About Deeside Bike Collective

A group of Aberdeenshire cyclists are campaigning to raise £250,000 to create woodland trails that will help keep future generations of youngsters active.

The Deeside Bike Collective charity has been granted permission to take on 20 acres of hillside on the northern outskirts of Banchory, near the old Glen o’Dee Hospital, from Forestry and Land Scotland.

The bike trails will be a fantastic asset to the local community and wider Deeside area.  The popularity of cycle sports has grown exponentially with the creation of these trails, we know they will provide the community and visitors to the area with the type of professionally constructed trails that are required to push and develop the sport further.

Trails ‘not just for cyclists’

Keen cyclist Kev Harper is one of the leading lights behind the Banchory Woodland Trails campaign.

“These trails won’t just be bicycle tracks, other groups in the area can use them too and there will still be plenty space for people going out walks.

“They would be for anybody who needs safe access to an outdoor area, we are really keen for them to be used by future generations of young people.”

We plan to build four trails at our site near Glen O'Dee Hospital, Banchory.

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