Banchory & District Initiatives

Banchory & District Initiatives Ltd (BDI)

is a local charitable group of volunteers who want to improve Banchory and the surrounding areas. The organisation is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Any resident and people who work in Banchory can be members. The board of directors are elected from the membership.

MEMARTs approved 2010

Present Directors 2023 -  Jean Henretty, Norma Makin, Paul Panchaud, Russ Crichton, Matt Merchant, Alasdair Ross


BDI was formed in 2003 following a year long consultation with residents using the Planning for Real tool. The Banchory Community Council required an organisation to manage projects and secure funding. The organisation has a business plan that is based on the Community Action Plan from 2009. The main focus of the organisation is to develop projects that improve community facilities and create more vibrant tourist amenities. Having a track record is beneficial when seeking funding, BDI now has a good record of successful projects. BDI has a service level agreement with Aberdeenshire Council to facilitate  community meetings and support community action groups.

Previous successful projects

Scolty Trails Improvement Project  (STEP) - over £200,000 was awarded by SNH, EU LEADER and local groups to improve the walking trails on Scolty Hill.

Sports Village (BANDSWIM) - many years of campaigning and a feasibility study has led to the development of the new Sports Village.

St Ternan Fair - for ten years BDI organised the annual fair which was a revival of the traditional annual medieval fair.

Christmas Lights and Hanging Baskets - in response to the reduction in Council services, BDI has organised the hanging of Christmas street lights and hanging baskets. Funding comes from a variety of sources including the sale of an annual calendar.

Present projects

BDI co-ordinates a number of local projects. Some are managed by directors while others are given minimal support. More information of each project is on this website.

River Dee Radio, Farmers Market, Studio 1, Website and Number One

BDI will support a fledgling group to develop their project. The hardest part of a project is finding the volunteers to take on the risks of funding, finance and insurance. If you have an idea to improve your community, contact a member of the board or