Scolty Woodland Park


In May 1991 Forestry Commission launched an initiative to designate appropriate woods as Woodland Parks. They would be formed by a single wood, a group of smaller woodland or be part of a larger forest block, but generally be a maximum of 150 hectares in area and be associated with a particular centre of population. An essential component of the initiative would be the involvement of the local community in the Woodland Park.


In 1992 a 158 hectare area, lying on the lower and middle slopes between 70m and 260m of the prominent Scolty Hill (299m), was designated as Scolty Woodland Park.  The Park is the East end of Blackhall Forest which stretches westwards opposite Banchory on the south side of the River Dee and is bounded on the western edge by forestry tracks and roads, and the Forestry Commission legal boundaries elsewhere.

For many years it has been a popular outdoor recreation area for people in the Banchory area and the many visitors who visit the area.   

The Scolty Woodland Park Association was formed in November 1995 to assist Forestry Commission in the management of the park.


The Scolty Woodland Park Committee (a sub group of the Association) has been involved in the organization of work parties and volunteer days.  Tasks undertaken have been: tree planting, ditch clearing, bracken brashing, path and dyke repairs.

The committee also endeavours to promote outdoor learning and has worked with the Banchory schools to attain this.

Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month.  Outdoor meetings are held at the Scolty car park during the summer months.  At the moment alternative accommodation is being sought for the indoor meetings.