Banchory Signage Project


In Summer 2016, an audit of all signs and street furniture in Banchory was undertaken by Aberdeenshire Council.

Recommended improvements have been identified to remove, replace or keep (sometimes the latter is due to legal requirements)

The recommendations aim to reinforce a strong visual identity for Banchory and to highlight key destinations, particularly for visitors.

The consultation stage of the project is taking place from FRIDAY 18 NOVEMBER to FRIDAY 2 NOVEMBER. 

There is a display in the Library and feedback forms for you to give your feedback. Members of the project team will be on hand to discuss the project and answer any related questions on MONDAY 21 NOVEMBER 2-5pm and WEDNESDAY 30 NOVEMBER 4-7pm.


Click the links below to see digital copies of maps showing various aspects of the audit:

A. Fingerposts

B. Information boards

C. Existing vehicular signs

D. Proposed vehicular signs

E. Scott Skinner Square signs

F. Benches

G. Bins

H. Lamp posts

I. Planters

J. Miscellaneous street furniture

Final Report

Some of the maps may open in portrait format and will need to be rotated for comfortable viewing as follows:

You may also like to give feedback by completing a short survey